Mentor school

In Hong Kong and internationally, capacity building for school leadership has been focusing on the deepening and scaling of educational innovations and changes within their own schools. In this project, we aspire to build leadership capacity for network level scaling/expansion that leverages the leadership capacities within the participating project schools. The building of capacity with mentor schools in the network hub will be an impetus to the expansion of innovative network and transformative learning. 

The leadership hub (network) comprises mentor schools that are identified to have the strongest innovation capacity and track record among the participating schools. These mentor schools will be given resources and professional support to carry out their role in offering expertise and prior successful implementation experience to novice project schools. Starting from the second year, the project will expand to include more new schools in the Network, and the mentor schools will play an important role in supporting the new schools’ learning, and the development of innovative STEM curriculum. This arrangement is underpinned by the model of “train-the-trainer”.