Foci of support

The project supports the development of an innovation school network with sustainable momentum for transformative self-directed learning (SDL) in STEM education that fosters 21st century skills and digital competence. To achieve this goal, it entails the following foci of support:

  • Raising students’ awareness and engagement in STEM-related activities and developing their understanding of the links among the STEM-related areas as well as their entrepreneurial spirit;
  • Enhancing teachers’ understanding of the guiding and underlying principles of SDL in STEM education and their mastery of related assessment and lesson design strategies so as to promote STEM education through students’ engagement in SDL;
  • Building multilevel leadership capacity through networking—mentoring and leadership hubs;
  • Facilitating learning in the network by building a knowledge base about successful learning designs, school change strategies and pathways;
  • Designing an e-learning support system for teachers to design, implement and share SDL practices in STEM-related subjects;
  • Advancing the use of technologies that serve as cognitive tools to enhance teaching practice, collaboration, and knowledge management.